A Fast & Modern Email Campaign Delivery

Introducing Paperboy, a new approach to sending well-crafted email campaigns - no matter how big or complex, we deliver.

Draft a campaign

$ paperboy new

List recipients

$ paperboy new list people.yaml

Deliver the message

$ paperboy send campaign people

Templates you know

If you've used a static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll, you already know how to use it.


Bring Your Own            

Use your own editor, version control, collaboration, and email server.

Use any SMTP provider

Paperboy delivers via standard email protocol. Use any SMTP server or service.

Simple, yet powerful

With its simplicity and speed, your first Paperboy campaign is just minutes away.



Works on all major platforms with absolutely no dependencies. Just download and run.

Free & Open

Licensed under Apache License 2.0,
Paperboy is open source and free to use.