As a complete email engine, Paperboy is here to help you get the most out of your campaigns. It allows you to craft a shared layout, and then quickly build and deliver a multi-format campaign.

What does Paperboy do?

Paperboy takes a source directory and uses files in common formats to create and deliver modern email campaigns. It is a command line tool that allows you to use your favorite editor to build and any SMTP service to deliver your email newsletters and announcements.

We are proud to support the following features:

  • Extremely fast rendering (~6 ms per email)
  • Cross platform support - runs on macOS, Linux, Windows, and more!
  • Easy installation - just a single executable
  • Run locally or in-the-cloud
  • Organized as a single directory
  • Easy collaboration via Git (or another SCM)
Content & layout
Recipient list & delivery
  • File-based recipient lists in YAML format
  • Arbitrary recipient metadata available to campaign template
  • Campaigns delivered via any SMTP server or provider
  • DKIM signing to validate sender for spam filters
Coming soon 1
  • More formats for recipient lists (ie. CSV)
  • SPF validation to improve deliverability
  • Throttling to comply with SMTP service quotas
  • Theming support to allow multi-templating
  • Campaign preview via browser

  1. Paperboy is open source. Please, contribute! [return]