Recipient lists

A recipient list is an enumeration of individuals privileged enough to receive one of your well-crafted campaign. For each recipient, you will include required fields (eg. email), optional fields, and custom parameters. These parameters will be available to your campaign, as well as your format templates.


The recipient list files go under the lists directory of your project, nested at any level.

└── lists
    └── customers
    |   └── private-beta.yaml
    |   └── golang-fans.yaml
    |   └── all-active.yaml
    └── newsletter.yaml


At this time, we only support YAML-formatted recipient lists. The list is built as an array of key/value mapping. The only required field is email which Paperboy will use to deliver your email.

In case an optional field name is present, it will be used as the receiver’s name in the mail’s header:
To: name-value <email-value>

In templates

As you’ve probably noticed in the campaigns and templates guides, you are able to use recipient information to populate template fields. When each email is rendered, the value of the recipient is available as the .Recipient variable. It has the following fields:

Field Description
.Recipient.Email Recipient’s email
.Recipient.Name Name, if present
.Recipient.Params All other recipient fields

The Params field is a catch-all mapping of all the other key/value pairs from your recipient YAML. All Params are only accessible using all lowercase characters


- email:
  username: michael
  name: Michael
- email:
  username: nick-fury
  name: Nicholas